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Action Cam Review GoPro HERO vs a clone of a clone

I never thought that I would need/want an action cam until I was given a GoPro Hero as a birthday present. It's the entry level camera offered by GoPro, and is simple to use, and gives amazing results. I'm certain that I can find an educational purpose for it, but for now, I'm just enjoying playing around. The only thing I would add to it, would be a few more options for time lapse.

While I was looking for less expensive accessories, I kept seeing clones. The SJCAM makes a clone that is similar in price to the HERO, but has the features that a much, much more expensive GoPro has. Then I would find clones of the SJCAM clone, called SJ4000 (like the SJCAM) Being a science teacher (not and english teacher, which is why I don't edit my posts), I thought that I should test it out, just for the sake of curiosity 

I'll say that the quality was not bad, and it has a few features that my HERO does not. I'll continue playing around with it, and keep you posted.

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