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Time Lapse Fun

Today's phones are amazing pieces of technology. Most of my students think they're only good for texting, and Snapchat, and that's really sad, especially when you consider the cost. Phones are like a modern Swiss Army Knife. They can make things easier, and get you out of a jam in a pinch. One of the new apps I've been playing around with is called Framelapse. I picked this app because it had good reviews, and was free, though I think it's more than worth the cost of a cup of coffee. I have been using my GoPro for that same purpose, but with Framelapse, I get instant gratification.. Now I use my GoPro to take a pic of my camera using Framelapse.
I use a Galaxy 5, and a back up battery so I never run out of charge. I ride a lot in the city, and take out the camera when I sit down to eat, or just enjoy the view

If you're looking to faster moving time lapse, you might consider an action camera like a GoPro. Generally, fast moving objects require a 0.5 sec time lapse speed. Fast clouds, 5 sec, slow clouds 10 sec. flowers blooming 1 to 2 minute speeds

GoPro Hero at 0.5 sec

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