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Magnify the Universe

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Cause a natural disaster- Impact Simulator

Unleash a little Cosmic Chaos

Step 1-Input your values

Step 2- Select your target

Step 3- "Guess what guys! It's time to embrace the horror! Look, we got front-row tickets to the end of the earth.." Rockhound Hear this quote in all of it's glory

Step 4- Compare your crater

Step 5- Check out the results

The source code for Astro101:Tilt

The game was made using MIT's AppInventor, which is free, and user friendly when considering other alternatives. If you have a Gmail account, you can use it. If you're new to the app builder, start with the tutorials and work your way up. It's actually really fun. To modify the game to fit your needs, you really only need to change the words in the list.

 You will probably want to change the artwork, and titles, but you can learn how to do that. If you mess up, just download the source again, and try again. If you do find a use for it, please share it with me
Here's the source on MIT's Gallery site Astro101:Tilt

Snow day DIY Lapdesk project

It's -10 outside, and school was cancelled. That left me with lots of time to work on whatever it is that I work on. After a while, the desk and chair get uncomfortable, and I'm considering a switch to the overstuffed couch, or even the movie theater seats I picked up at an auction, and bolted to the floor of the cave. Once I made the change, I realized a need for my lapdeck, the one my daughter took to college. Books didn't work out, so I had to buy one, or build one. About 8 years ago, I replaced carpet with laminate flooring, and had plenty left over. It's light, and durable, and not too unattractive. I cut the board into 19" sections, and applied glue. This joint is probably a weak point, but I'll get back to you on that.

I didn't have bead bag pillows, or a foam pad/pillow to attach to the bottom (the material of my choice), but I did have foam pipe insulation. Pipe insulation is cheap, costing around $1.50 for 6'. I cut the pipe insulation into 18" segments

I could have spent more time trying to make the pipe insulation perfect, but why?

The final product is fully functional, and cost about $4 and 20 minutes of time to make 2.
My next production of lap desks will be made from whiteboard material. It will be suitable for multitasking. Maybe I'll also make it from ballistic materials. Parents and schools would eat that up.

The Tapestry Segmentation of our region. How Accurate are the descriptions?

Astro101: Solar System Scavenger Hunt

More info about the Astro101: Solar System app is Coming Soon! But if you want to try it now go to the Android Play store, and download it. You can customize your own QR codes, or use the ones in the PDF below.
Link to the QR Code PDF