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Google Cardboard

Google has introduced a low cost ($5 and up), highly engaging project called Cardboard. Cardboard is a virtual reality headset (think Oculus rift, only less money, and available now). The headset can be made from, surprisingly enough, cardboard. A pizza box works.

I bough my headset from Ebay for $13. I also picked up some foam, and larger, 30mm lenses, to make a version that works better with larger phones, at a total cost of $7. The cut out template is free

The one I got from Ebay is pretty well made. Many of my students have played around with it. My only issue was that the nose bridge was irritating, so I added a pad of foam, and duct tape.

There is quite a collection of free apps available for it, and more are being added. YouTube has several videos as well, under the #YT3D. Check out some of the YouTube 360 vids too, they're amazing on a phone or tablet. Google also has recently announced a partnership with Viewmaster, and if you're old like me, you'll know what that is.

I have had great luck with the apps, and my Samsung G5. At some point there will be apps for iPhones, but in reality, the iPhone is not keeping up as far as innovation, so I recommend getting an Android ASAP. If you wish to make old school Viewmaster reels, you can get a free app called 3DSteroid. There are probably others that are as good, or better, but I'm pretty happy with it. The videos (National Tunnel) below are examples that I made using this app. For teaching, it could make for fun projects

To see a list of games, search Cardboard, or VR, on the play store

3D without glasses

There are many methods to see objects in 3D. Most require glasses (or the old-school view-master), but with a little practice, you can do it without. Google Cardboard will revolutionize the 3D industry soon too, but for now, try this

If you were able to do it, check out my National Tunnel video below, of the many YT3D Youtube videos

National Tunnel, and Frankfort Springs

I love it when I find something unexpected. I was riding for the first time after the brutally cold winter we had here in SWPA. There was this tunnel along the trail that has developed into a beautiful ice cave cathedral. Since I've been playing a lot with Google Cardboard, I figured I'd take a few 3D pics.

Cause a natural disaster- Impact Simulator

Unleash a little Cosmic Chaos

Step 1-Input your values

Step 2- Select your target

Step 3- "Guess what guys! It's time to embrace the horror! Look, we got front-row tickets to the end of the earth.." Rockhound Hear this quote in all of it's glory

Step 4- Compare your crater

Step 5- Check out the results

The source code for Astro101:Tilt

The game was made using MIT's AppInventor, which is free, and user friendly when considering other alternatives. If you have a Gmail account, you can use it. If you're new to the app builder, start with the tutorials and work your way up. It's actually really fun. To modify the game to fit your needs, you really only need to change the words in the list.

 You will probably want to change the artwork, and titles, but you can learn how to do that. If you mess up, just download the source again, and try again. If you do find a use for it, please share it with me
Here's the source on MIT's Gallery site Astro101:Tilt