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An updated version to TPSVote, and the source code for you to modify

     A new, more updated look to my 2010 color voter card app is available on the Play store. It works the same as the older version, but looks a bit nicer. I would have simply replaced the older version, but I changed compilers, and lost some info needed for the upload, and was unable to do so. Both versions are there, and they're free.

     If you don't know how it works, watch the video on the Play store. And if you are still using i(fill in the blank) you can use those devices in the same way by finding a flashlight app with multi-colored screens, or upload a multi-colored image, and have your students zoom in on their choice. Either way, you'll find this method incredibly effective in increasing student engagement in your class.

     I use TPSVote (Think, Pair, Share, Vote) instead of clickers. The main reasons are that it's quick, free, and I am not looking to collect long term data. Clickers are expensive, and I have yet to see anyone in K-12 use them as a tool for long term study anyway, so why add the expense. There's no reason to waste the time passing clickers out, dealing with tech/battery issues, and then collecting them. Your kids already have a phone, it's probably turned on, and within reach. Take advantage of it, and teach them that it's a great learning tool. For the students without a smartphone, or ones with dead batteries, be sure they get color cards. In fact, issue all students the old printout folded versions at the beginning of the year. For the iDevices, I have the colors in front of the classroom as a reference.

     If you want to customize this app, it's easier than ever. I posted the source code to MIT's Appinventor gallery. You can download, and tweek the app to fit your needs. Some of the things I've added was to connect the choices to an SMS number so that when the votes were cast, a graph would appear using Polleverywhere, or V5V5. Play around with it, and try out, I think you'll find very user friendly. And if you have a tough time, ask a student

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