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A Little AR Fun with Aurasma

     I am really excited about some of the new technology that is just around the corner, but I am also a little impatient. After watching a promo of the upcoming GoogleGlass...

     I wondered if there is anything that can approach that type of augmentation of reality, and I have found that there kind of is.

     While not nearly as sophisticated as the Glass promotion, it is certainly worthy of high praise, and it eliminates the potential humorous abuses uncovered in the Google Glass parody that I am not linking to, but you can find on YouTube and it's pretty funny.
     I think that augmented reality is a fun and engaging way to breathe life into printed media, and will be great for advertisements, and especially welcomed in education. AR can bring print to life, and now that smart phones are common and have pretty good computing specs, it has evolved into a tool for mass appeal. I tried two free services. One is called LAYAR, and the other is Aurasma. After playing around with both, I decided on Aurasma. It has a few more features that I can grow into, and they gave me a partnership and an upgraded account at no charge. I am planning on using my students to develop content as a way to differentiate by interest, and engage them in higher thinking and abstraction. I will keep you posted.

The Aurasma App is a free download for iPhones, and Android

Once installed, play around with the menu at the bottom. That's the best way to figure it out. It's very user friendly, and you can make a great Aura in minutes. In order to streamline things, Aurasma has channels that creators make. Ours is Fox Chapel Astronomy/Geoscience. You can search, using the looking glass, for us. Just type Fox Chapel and you'll find us, and our Auras that we create. If you want to test out a few, just follow us, then scan the images using Aurasma

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