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Crowd Sourcing Ideas for new GIS Course

Sadly, my district has eliminated the teaching of the Geosciences. While it's easy to point out the vast negative consequences of this action, I will try to keep this post very positive. Just know that this is Western Pa.
Home of coal mining, past present and future (and it's environmental concerns, reclaimation etc)

Coal Mining

 The Saudi Arabia of Natural gas production, and processing for the next 100+ years
Gas Drilling. Notice Allegheny Co has banned drilling

The home of three major drainage basins, the Mon, the Al, and the O
Pa drainage basins

Credit: CMU

A landslide capital

Plenty of Radon gas

Loaded with agricultural regions

With valuable mineral resources

And lots of cleaning up to do

Toxic Release Inventory 13 chemicals within 3 miles

And the list goes on and on!

Because I feel it's important to educate our students in Earth Science, I've developed and ES focused GIS elective course. So, if you're interested in adding ideas about how we can organize a geoscience focused environmental GIS class, please contact me. Here is the basic framework

Corporate Partnerships Encouraged!

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