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How to Use Polarr image editing- Guest blogger Ian Tracey

Let’s take this image, for example. It’s black and white, rather boring… Wouldn’t it be better if it was in color? This would allow us to see the galaxy better- and in its true

To start, we’ve got to download Polarr. Google “Chrome store”, and type in the search bar “Polarr image editor”. Scroll down until you see it listed under “apps”. Then, click ‘add to Chrome’, and wait for it to download.

Launch Polarr. In the top left corner, you’ll see this symbol.
Click on it, and upload the image you selected to enhance.
Now that you’ve got your image uploaded, you should see this menu bar on the right, with these symbols on it.

Click on the second one from the top- it looks like a cooking timer. It’ll bring up another menu, looking like this...
Click on the one that says color. This menu will pop up.

Try adjusting some of the values, such as the one for temperature. You’ll notice that it changes the color of the image! Keep playing around with these values until you get the image to look more colorful and vibrant, like the image below.
Next, let’s look at the tab for Light. It’s under the one for Color. There are many effects you can play around with, but let’s just look at Exposure, for example.

This will change the amount of brightness in your picture. But- be careful- too much, and you can make your image so bright, it’s difficult to look at! And if you make it too dim, it will be very difficult to tell what your image is.

Finally, let’s look for the Details tab- it’s right under the one for Light. Try some of these effects. Mess around with the clarity, try to make the image pop out more. Use sharpen too, but don’t overdo it- or else the image will be grainy.

You needn’t worry about the other features of this app, unless you really want to use them. They’re mostly just for fun. But anyway, let’s have a look at the starting and finished product.

I used a few distortion effects on this one. If you want to, you can, too. It’s a few buttons below the Details one.

I hope you phare well with your photo-editing process!

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