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CK12.ORG - PublicUniverse Astro 101 Online Text

 Very Beta version of the flexbook. I designed it to incorporate Khanacademy, NAAP Labs, PhET Simulations, UNL Ranking Tasks, and ClassAction. My intent is to be able to connect the book to my layered class materials. I still have a lot to do but limited time. In order to keep this material under creative commons, free license, I can only do this on my time, and my equipment. That's always tough during the school year. Thank goodness for spring break. Please excuse the spelling errors while in Beta
     If you are a college prof, and see deficiencies in upcoming students, let me try to address them now before you get them. Just let me know
 Week 1-3 Historical
Week 4-5 Light and Color
Week 6-8 Solar System
Week 9 Moon
Week 10-11 Sun, Earth and Moon Interaction
Week 12-14 Stars
Week 15-16 Galaxies and Beyond
I am working on a better sequence, and a layer for the Standard Model
More to come!

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  1. I will be reworking this section this summer. Plans include adding lecture tutorials, and simulation updates