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Astro101 Android App

Main Menu
After a 5 sec Splash screen, these are the options. Depending on the speed of your phone, or tablet, there may be a delay when you make your choice, so just be patient. You can view in portrait or landscape

If you want to read up on a subject, Astro 101 provides detailed information, supported by rich images, and videos. While it is possible to read from a cell phone screen, a 7" or 10" screen would be optimal. This links to a web based resource, so you need to be connected. Use your devices back button, and not the one found on the browser.
The internet is full of great videos, but few are free to use, and good at the same time. Khan Academy is the best of both worlds. When you select a video, most devices ask what app you want to open it with. Choose Youtube for best results. Older phones, or tablets may not offer the version of flash that's required to run the videos. Once again, use the device back button to return to the video screen, and the video link HOME to return to the main menu
Everyone loves Ranking Tasks, and UNL has several. Astro101 links to them, so you will need the internet connection. Once again, depending on the speed of your device, there may be a pause after you press the button. Wait it out, it only lasts a second at best.
Example of a Ranking Task. When it opens, it will not be full screen. To make it full screen, simply  touch it once to activate the task, then press and hold until the full screen icon comes on. 

And, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you find a second page of Ranking Tasks. When you are ready to leave the task to return to the app, just press the device back button to leave full screen, and again to return to the Task page. The HOME button on the bottom of the screen will return you to the main page
Full screen on a phone, or tablet
I was originally going to leave this off, since on a  cell phone screen, it's near impossible. But I had an okay go of it on my 7" Ainol Novo, and figured that a 10" would be perfect. Same deal- click, wait a 1/2 second, click to activate the screen, press and hold to go to full screen mode. If you're a teacher, this can be a powerful application either with individual students, or connect your tablet to the projector through Bluetooth, and demo to the entire class
One of the many Simulations you can run. Tough on a cell, okay on a 7" (really good with a stylus), but probably best on a 10"

Another Sim example

I added the TPSVote app on o this one. It has been enormously popular with students and teaches all over the planet, and I can see its popularity increase even more as instructors realize the power of it. I think on the next update, I will include a customized ClassAction set, for the student or instructor to use. It is not very functional on a cell phone screen. Once I find a cheap 10", I'll reconsider it, when I can see the results.

Voting Card
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