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Itty Bitty Radio Telescope Basic Assembly

The first step to making the Itty Bitty, is to find an unused Satellite TV dish. This is pretty easy, there are many out there. Check Craigslist, or ask around, I'm sure you'll find one. I found this one in my yard when I was cutting grass. I hate cutting grass, but this made it worthwhile

Next, I picked up a Satellite Finder Kit off of ebay. There are many types, with multiple displays, and eventually I try different ones, but I went for the cheap one, less than $20 with shipping. I should have rotated the image, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Now you get to take some stuff apart. Remove the LNB from the dish. If it's like mine, there will be a few spiders living there, so be warned. It comes out with a single bolt

Next, and optional, pick up a coax terminal resistor at Radio Shack, while they are still selling them. Will cost around $6 for 2.

Cap one of the terminals with a resistor, you choose which, I don't think it matters. Then connect the coax cable from your Satellite Finder kit, on the other.

Reassemble. by feeding the cable through the square tube. (watch for more spiders)
Connect the cable to the Satellite Finder wher it says to LNB, and the other end to the battery pack, which provides around 15 volts.

If it's working, it should light up, and make a high frequency sound that will irritate the young people in the room, when you adjust the knob.

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