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TPSVote Update

I guess the word is getting around. I have seen a huge upswing in the amount of downloads, and use of the app. It's nice that there are several instructors that are embracing the use of phone technology, though there is always a risk of student abuse. TPS voting, as introduced to me by Ed Prather has been incredibly effective in my classes. It requires that everyone participates, while eliminating the fear of embarrassment that some students have of giving a wrong answer publicly, since only I know their answer. Other great benefits are the non-verbal cues you can give a struggling student when they get the correct answer. A quick thumbs-up, or a nod can go a long way without giving away the answer to other students.
Last night I modified it to send an sms code to Polleverywhere, and this allows you to collect data for future use. Polleverywhere is a paid service, but it does offer free use, and has educator perks that are worth looking into. I am looking into a free service called V5V5, but I have had 0 success with it so far. I'll keep you posted

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