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Software Update

I have to say that I am pretty excited to see that people have actually downloaded my simple app. Google market gives developers some great stats. I hope it's found to be useful to the downloaders. It is a bit heavy on memory for its size around 1mb, but when compared to the average phone capacity, it's not bad at all. I think I'll make a video demonstrating how we use it here and maybe it will catch on. I actually came across a similar program just today, it's called Color Clicker. It looks to have more bells and whistles, is a smaller app size, and has animation. It is priced at $.99. which seems very reasonable. The color cards are the same, though it doesn't appear to have option E , so it can be used in the same classroom as mine without confusing the instructor. It looks to be restricted to Android 2.2. And seems to have a connection to Syracuse University.

United States

Thanks for downloading!

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