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Interactive White Boards, IWB

Another expensive educational technology is the Interactive White Board, AKA Polyvision Board, Promethean Board, and Smart Board. These are really popular technologies. I don't have one in my classroom, but I have access should I ever need one, but I honestly fail to see much of a ROI. Interactive, maybe, but primarily between the teacher and the interactive white board. The interactivity level of a classroom is controlled entirely by the teacher. It exists even in the absence of an IWB. Interactivity is not a major concern in 99% of the classrooms. An IWB also does little in promoting a student centered environment, and requires more of the little time teachers have available. I personally believe we should focus more on increasing collaboration, and an IWB does little to address that deficiency. But that's a different story for another post.
One thing I do have, as well as most of my students (meaning they can and will re-create this at home)is a Wii and a fun internet freebie software app. It's called a Wii-mote board.

I made a video several years ago using a Wii-mote and a Bluetooth adapter. Most laptops already have Bluetooth, so it's not an added expense. I take it with me when I speak to the Scouts, and the Young Marines. Students are amazed with the simplicity, and like to talk about it. Many duplicate it, and will even develop a lesson using it. That saves me time, and it becomes a collaborative project. I can project on any wall, in multiple sizes, using up to 4 Infrared pens (make your own or buy them on ebay) I can even control the stars on my dome by seemingly waving my hands in the air. That's really cool.

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