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Almost $11,000 spent for 6 sets of Clickers

Local school just picked up 6 MimioVote systems valued just under $11K. I don't have a problem with clickers, but now we have several different types, running different software. I am not sure how many of you out there are teachers, but we spend way to much time learning software, and creating content for technologies that become obsolete in a few years. It is a vicious cycle, that takes time away from teaching, and creates clickerbots that interact with the remote, and a whiteboard. I need to see, I mean know right away, that each of my students has the correct answer so I can jump in and do my job. I don't like having to wait until Sunday after lunch to look through data sheets, then try to fix problems on Monday. It's too late by then. Focus on using the resources they have, and will always have with them, their phones, google apps etc. I consult with many companies, and I have yet to see a clicker on a desk, or in the board room. Phones are everywhere, and will continue to be there in all all aspects of our society. Use them. Low tech and effective, is always better than high tech, expensive, time consuming, limited life......

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