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J. Richard Gott Interview

J. Richard Gott
This is a great interview with World Renowned Astrophysicist and Princeton Professor J Richard Gott. He has a fantastic book out called Sizing up the Universe . Its sold at around $25, but worth twice that price. The illustrations are some of the best around, and they really compliment the written content. The structure and arrangement of the book makes sense, and would, in reality, make a great textbook. By the end of the book, a reader will have a deeper understanding of the size and scale of the Universe. Readers will be left in a state of awe at the grandeur of it all, and excited by the fact that we, as a species have come so far. This is certainly an invaluable asset to any astronomy program, and makes a great gift for anyone interested in science and astronomy 5 out of 5 Stars Buy it Here
J. Richard Gott

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