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Boy Scout Astronomy Merit Badge Planning

Before your visit to the planetarium

Pre-event preparation

1. Review the most current requirements for the merit badge
2. Working with the sponsoring troop to select an evening for the troop presentation. Preferred is an evening prior just prior to the New Moon, so the boys will be well prepared to work on requirement 7.2 (sketching lunar phases).
3. Work with the sponsoring troop to select an evening and an alternate for visit to the planetarium. Preferred is an evening near the first quarter.
4. Reserve the observatory for the date(s) selected. This will require at least two nights over a 35 day period
6. Post a notice regarding the planetarium visit, you may consider requesting volunteers to assist.
7. Ask the sponsoring troop to produce sufficient copies of the merit badge worksheet and star charts from for the boys to use.
8. Familiarize yourself with:
* Constellations visible during the period the boys will work on the merit badge (including 4 Zodiac constellations)
* Eight easy-to-find, conspicuous stars (include five 1st magnitude stars)
* Locations of naked-eye planets, preferably in the evening sky

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