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Behind the Dome

Keeping with my focus of providing Astronomy education 27/7/365, I will continue producing and performing quality internet shows that educate and engage. I realized years ago that a 30 minute public Planetarium show cannot be the only method of accomplishing my goal, and is in reality, limited in impact beyond a 10 mile circle, and frankly, shortsighted. For any planetarium to remain viable, the personnel must add several layers to their outreach program. Social media, like Facebook, and Twitter, are great ways to get the message out, and keep people informed of other resources available. Offering free training in home computer based astronomy software like Celestia, and Stellarium is an excellent way of getting astronomy in the hands of even the youngest family members.
The idea that the sole purpose of a planetarium is to provide a few shows to the public must be revised, and expanded. There is great value, and tremendous impact in the activities that take place "behind the Dome" and they must be recognized and acknowledged.

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